Entropia Tips & tricks

Entropia Universe Tips and Tricks and Sci-Fi MMO Tips and Tricks 

  • Specialize and then generalize- Being really good at one thing is better than being mediocre at a lot of them.
  • The trend is your friend- Pay attention to the patterns of loot as you hunt. The global announcements in chat can lead you to great fortune.
  • Buy low, sell high- Just like in real life, fortunes have been made in Entropia Universe by merely paying attention to market prices and taking advantage of them when the opportunity arise.
  • Get a mentor- The fastest way to begin learning about Entropia Universe is from someone who has already spent some time experiencing the game.
  • Socialize- Teamwork is helpful in real life and that doesn't change inside Entropia Universe.
  • Write it Down- Much success in Entropia Universe is merely because someone found an area that has a scarce resource. I hope you remember where you found it last time.
  • Match Gear with Skills- Use equipment that not only matches your skill level but matches the activity you are doing.
  • Skills matter- This a skill based resource gathering game. All the knowledge in the world will not replace a well skilled avatar with a solid knowledge base.
  • Get a Pet- Pets give buffs to enhance your avatar and are a great way to gain skills.
  • Look up stats- Almost every item has its stats listed on EntropiaWiki. Compare items and make the best selection for your set up.
  • What is the other Guy Doing?- Make sure you go hit the forums. Planetcalypso.com is a great one to start with. See what others with more or different experiences are doing to get ahead.
  • Budget Appropriately- Whatever activity you are doing, make sure you can survive through the ups and downs of the loot cycle.
  • Play Games Within the Game- Contests come around every weekend., add another layer and possible profit to your game play by participating.
  • Skills are Valuable- Nearly every action in Entropia Universe gives a skill increase of some sort. Not only do skills make your avatar more powerful, they make it more valuable too.
  • Reputation matters- Most people that play Entropia Universe will play the game for many years if not tens of years. They will remember you and what you did or did not do.

Free to Play.

‚ÄčEntropia Universe is the ultimate sandbox sci-fi MMO where you have no set script, can spend as much or as little as you prefer, and your abilities to socially interact, grind for skills and invest to earn an income are as unlimited as your imagination.