Why You Need A Mentor

As with any adventure into a new game, it helps to learn the ropes from someone who has been around. Entropia Universe has a reward system for veteran players who want to spend time helping noobs figure out how to play the game. Too often players land on Planet Calypso ready to begin their adventure but are quickly overwhelmed by the the options available to them. Do they hunt, mine or craft? Start a service or invest in virtual real estate? Hang out and chat, go sweat or search for fruit and rocks? This is where your mentor comes in and helps you along.entropia universe guide

Mentors must be reasonably experienced players having obtained a professional level of 15 in some professionand have been involved in the game for more than 6 months. They must register within the game on a mentor registry and are rated by graduating mentored avatars, known as disciples. Disciples graduate after gaining skills in any of the three main professions. The skills are anatomy for hunting, engineering for crafting and geology for mining. You can meet the skill quota in any single or a combination of the skills and a progress bar automatically tracks your progress. You will have to try each profession, logging in at least one mining session, one crafting session and one team hunt with your mentor.

At the end of your discipleship both you and your mentor will receive graduation gifts. The disciple gets a set armor appropriate for a lower level player to use. The mentor will get a random gift that is typically a single part of armor, a mentor edition weapon or a skill pill. The disciple also gets a chance to rate their mentor at graduation, this record cannot be changed so be honest yet fair.

entropia universe how to make moneyA couple of hints for those looking for a mentor. Entropia Universe is a 24 hour a day game with literally a world wide player base. You would be wise to ensure that you and your potential mentor speak the same language!! It is also a good idea to consider your typical game play time and find a mentor who will actually be playing at similar times of the day. Make sure you look at the ratings,look for someone who has been given plenty of 5 star ratings to ensure you get a good teacher. Lastly, a mentor is a teacher not an economic supporter. Some mentors like to shower their disciples with trinkets, some like to merely dispense knowledge. Both types can be great mentors. Whatever you do, do not beg for handouts. Nothing turns runs off a legitimately good mentor like a disciple begging.

What to do if your mentor disappears or doesn’t help? Kick them of course. You can kick your mentor and begin fresh with another if you are not having a good experience. Be warned that when you do this, any progress will be lost and you truly start anew. If you are looking to make money playing a game, you still have a lot of learning to do after graduation. A good mentor will help you learn your way around Entropia Universe, they are not going to  hand Entropia Universe to you.

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‚ÄčEntropia Universe is the ultimate sandbox sci-fi MMO where you have no set script, can spend as much or as little as you prefer, and your abilities to socially interact, grind for skills and invest to earn an income are as unlimited as your imagination.