The Trend is Your Friend


One of the great things about the Entropia Universe console is the chat box that gives you information about things that are happening that will help you in the game. One of the more important pieces of information is one that you really have to pay attention to is the global announcements. Global announcements happen anytime someone gets an above average size loot in hunting, crafting or mining.

Now you must be asking, what does the fact that someone else is winning have to do with my gameplay? Actually it has quite a bit to do with finding success in your Entropia Universe adventure. Different areas get hot or cold depending on activity, time of day or even just pure randomness. The truth is nobody can predict when and where success is going to happen, but we can clearly see that it is happening at that very moment.

How do you use this information? Let's say see several announcements saying something to the order of [Globals]: Avatar 123 ABC killed a creature [Falxangius Stalker] with a value of 230 PED! You see that someone is clearly winning while hunting Falx as we call them in the game. A knowledgeable player will know there is only one place you can hunt Falx. Putting all this information together might lead you to hunting some Falx and quite possibly getting some great loot for yourself as well. There is no guarantee that you will get great loot like Avatar 123 ABC is, however the odds are more in your favor when they are giving good loot to someone rather then no one.

The other information is a bit more intensive to obtain, but just as easy to use. One good piece of advice to remember: You don't need to global to get good loot and come out ahead in the game. Remember that. There are loots that players call base loots, break even loots, rare loots, and mini's. Pay attention to the average size loots you are getting on the creatures you are killing, the returns from dropping probes in mining or the returns on crafting. Over time you will get a feel for what is average, poor or good loots. Mini's are loots that are rather large compared to the average, but not large enough to warrant a global message with all the golden swirlies and fanfare. You can win with good loot and mini's if you play smart and sell all your loot for markup.

The best thing to take away from this post: pay attention to what is happening. It can pay you well.

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