How Important is it to Socialize in Entropia?

What makes Entropia Universe stand out amongst all the other sci fi adventure games available today? Asking players will give you answers such as “I like to make money from games”, I like a more “adult mmorpg”, or I love “building and leveling up an avatar, in Entropia there is no limit.” While not every player will give answers such as these, nearly universally they will say” I love the community and have great friends in the game” Being social is an essential part of any mmorpg, but Entropia Universe takes it to another level.

sci fi strategy gameThe society system in Entropia Universe is like no other. Rival societies can go to war over taxable land areas, giving the winner taxation rights to the land they won for six weeks. Societies can sometimes be a little salty about losing, so watch your back if you find yourself hunting in a lootable PvP zone, you might just get ambushed. It does however, work both ways!

It is not unheard of for business partnerships to be formed in Entropia Universe, inside and outside the game. Big Industries began as an event management group and grew into a powerful land ownership company hosting weekly events throughout the universe. Entropia meet ups happen all over the world as players who have known each other in adult strategy gamesgame for years get together and relive some of their favorite game moments. Planet Rocktropia is even taking the social aspect to another level by having governmental elections and allowing the players to determine the development of the planet.

Whatever your goals in the game, make sure you engage other players. Who knows which one might help you find that rare resource or even have it in their storage. Ask questions in the Rookie chat channel, lots of helpful veteran players hang out there and are ready to help.  Some of the most successful traders are the ones who know the most people, knowing who is selling and who is buying gear has made more than one player wealthy. Of course you don’t have to be sociable to make money from games, but it absolutely can help.

Free to Play.

‚ÄčEntropia Universe is the ultimate sandbox sci-fi MMO where you have no set script, can spend as much or as little as you prefer, and your abilities to socially interact, grind for skills and invest to earn an income are as unlimited as your imagination.