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Looking for a game that lasts more than a few months before you are bored? Want to participate in a real cash economy where 10 peds equals 1 US dollar and yes, you can put in and take that out of the game? Ready to outwit, out-plan and navigate the virtual economy to build your personal fortune and get paid to play?

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Keep up to date on the latest developments in Entropia Universe. From updates to the game to the latest tips and tricks, make sure you know how to get the most out of your time in in the game. We are your ultimate online resource for Entropia Universe.


In Entropia Universe, it’s vital to learn from other people. Every mistake you make can cost you money, and knowledge will help you to profit. In previous articles, we’ve discussed getting a mentor and joining a society, and there’s lots of good information on the community sites such as EntropiaWiki and Planet Calypso Forums.


Understanding an item’s stats is important in most MMO games, but in Entropia Universe, it’s more crucial than ever, because of the real cash economy. Using the right tool for the job can make the difference between profit and loss, so you need to know what to look out for.



As you explore Entropia Universe, you’ll notice that a lot of avatars are accompanied by an animal or robot that follows them around. These are pets, and their main purpose is to provide special buffs that increase an avatar’s abilities. There are various different types of buff available, and each type of pet has a different selection of buffs. The most popular buffs at the moment are the ones that increase your running speed, and the ones that allow you to automatically loot a creature when you kill it (similar to the auto-loot pills available in the trade terminal).

Earn Real Money.

The virtual currency (‘Project Entropia Dollars’ or PED) turns over millions of US dollars each year. Become part of a secure and expanding virtual market with an endless amount of business opportunities to get paid to play video games. 

Free to Play.

‚ÄčEntropia Universe is the ultimate sandbox sci-fi MMO where you have no set script, can spend as much or as little as you prefer, and your abilities to socially interact, grind for skills and invest to earn an income are as unlimited as your imagination.