If You Love Playing Games

Entropia Universe Is For You

  • Paid to Play- So you dominated everyone in that last game, beat the bosses and figured out all the tricks of winning. Did that game grow your bank account?
  • Get Your Money Back- A great way to get ahead in many games is to buy gems, coins, gold etc. Have you ever tried to get your money back from that game?
  • No end in Sight- Don't you hate when you get into a game, really become a dominate player and then run out of challenges? You have to try Entropia Universe.
  • Money for Nothing- Want to make an income from your game even while you are logged off? You need to invest in Entropia Universe.
  • Time is Money- You can take all the time in the world to build your account, or you can do it today.
  • Hall of fame Loots- Play smart, control your costs then BOOM!!! You get a loot valued in hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of PEDs. That is money in the bank.
  • Change is Easy- Getting tired of dropping probes and digging minerals out of the ground? No worries, go hunt some monsters or craft something. It's a smooth transition.
  • No Time, No Worries- This game doesn't pass you by if you take a break like too many others out there do. Simply log back in when you are ready to start again and pick up where you left off.
  • Hunting the Hunter- Ever tried your hand at CS Go or Counter Strike? What did you get for your kills? PVP can be fun AND profitable in Entropia Universe.
  • More than a Game- Entropia Universe is so much more than a game. From rivalries to business ventures to friendships and grudges, you will find the entire spectrum of relationships in Entropia Universe,

Free to Play.

‚ÄčEntropia Universe is the ultimate sandbox sci-fi MMO where you have no set script, can spend as much or as little as you prefer, and your abilities to socially interact, grind for skills and invest to earn an income are as unlimited as your imagination.