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Literally Get Paid To Play???

by system
Tue, Nov 8th 2016 03:00 pm
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In Entropia Universe there are many "professions" one can consider when choosing their line of work to specialize in. Often people see the obvious professions inside Entropia such as being a hunter, a miner, a crafter, or a land owner but they fail to consider other professions that can be just as lucrative. Today let's take a look at the paramedic/healer profession.
A healer is basically a paramedic that a player or team hires to heal them while they hunt creatures. A healer is typically paid by the hour and is often tipped at the end of the hunt as well. Many healers have developed high skills which allow them to use exclusive healing tools or powers that make those healers even more in demand. A smart player who wants to focus on making an income from being a healer will also focus on developing their healing skills and acquiring those rare healing tools, such as a Modified First Aid Pack or an Improved First Aid Pack.
A player can choose to earn the skills of paramedic or healing by simply practicing the profession either on themselves or other players. Many lower skilled healers will volunteer to heal players during Entropia wide events to not only earn skills but to also become known as a healer that a player could offer employment to. Another way to acquire skills even faster is to purchase skills although this can be quite expensive it will be much faster than the traditional method.
Once a healer has developed skills, acquired tools and developed a good reputation, they can be selective of the players they choose to work for as well as demand a higher rate per hour. Many players have built quite the online fortune enabling other players to hunt bigger creatures more efficiently.
Entropia offers a large variety of careers a player can choose from to make peds (Entropia's in-game currency) which can be cashed out of the game into real life cash. You can be paid to play a game!!! Becoming a paramedic is just one career path a player could choose to excel at. Explore what profession fits you best by opening a free account here.

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