Skills Matter in Entropia Universe


Skills Matter In Entropia Universe

While it is rare to find gameplay that does not incorporate skills and the various doors that open to more highly skilled avatars, few games have the complexity of skills as Entropia Universe. Your typical game uses skills as gateways, requiring you to reach an arbitrary level before you can use a higher level weapon or access a different level of the adventure. Entropia Universe absolutely has these functions and more. Calling Entropia Universe a skill based, real cash economy loot gathering game is really on beginning to describe

Skills In A Sci-Fi MMORPG

Skills in Entropia UniverseSkills as gatekeepers are nothing new to experienced MMO gamers. Let’s say you have decided you want to be a laser sniper, using laser based carbines and rifles to hunt your creature of choice. Want to use the Armatrix LR-10?  It is nicely named in that you need to be level 10 Laser Sniper professional level to be able to begin using it. Want to use the Improved A-3 Justifier Mk. II? You can use it at level 0, however you will be extremely inefficient with it and unable to obtain max stats with it until you are professional level 100. Want to win events with the CDF XTLC 1000, you better get started skilling hard. You will need to be level 100 just to start using the weapon and you need to reach level 106 to fully max all of that weapon’s abilities.

Professional levels are calculating using skills that are relevant to the profession in question. Many skills are relevant for many different professions and by doing a particular activity, you will cross-skill and increase your professional level in another area. For example while shooting your laser rifle, you will also gain valuable Rifle skill experience that will help you if you ever want to use a BLP, Gauss or a Plasma rifle. Courage is another skill you would gain which is actually more versatile than the Rifle skill. A gain in the skill Courage will help with Evade, Dodge, Animal Tamer, Sweat Gatherer, Pet Handler, Captain, Space Engineer as well as all the hunting professions.

Adult Sci-Fi MMO RPGHealth is also an area the aforementioned Courage and Rifle skills would help you. Each skill that contributes to health does that in differing amounts. Skills are measured in levels, Courage takes only 320 skill points to give an additional health point whereas Rifle will take 1600 points to give that same point. As you gain professional levels you will unlock hidden skills such as Coolness and Commando which will provide rather nice gains in health as well.

Another rather important quality of skills in Entropia Universe is that they have value. There is a vibrant skill market where someone wishes to quickly advance their avatar can purchase the skills they need from other players. Conversely if you have reached a level you are comfortable with and wish to farm skills and sell the excess, that can be another valuable source of revenue. The website is a great resource see how many skills you need to chip in or are able to chip out.

Lastly,, it has long been rumored that skills have an effect on loot values and composition. Recently with the version update to Entropia 15.16, Mindark introduced the looter professions. Animal Looter for animals, Mutant Looter for mutants and Robot Looter for robotic mobs. The interesting thing about the looter professions is that they use a wide variety of skills such as Perception and Serendipity, yet during the act  of looting you only gain the respective looter profession skill or an associated unlocked hidden skill. The only information we were given as a community is that “An avatar´s relevant loot profession will improve actual loot returns as it increases.” The question in the community’s mind is, Does the looter profession increase value of returns or the quality of the the items you loot? There is ongoing research into the effects of the looter profession, check back with us for an update as soon as the information is available

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‚ÄčEntropia Universe is the ultimate sandbox sci-fi MMO where you have no set script, can spend as much or as little as you prefer, and your abilities to socially interact, grind for skills and invest to earn an income are as unlimited as your imagination.