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Understanding an item’s stats is important in most MMO games, but in Entropia Universe it’s more crucial than ever, because of the real cash economy. Using the right tool for the job can make the difference between profit and loss, so you need to know what to look out for.

Mace Stats Entropia UniverseEvery item in EU has an information window with all the stats, and there are various ways to access it. For an item in your inventory or storage, just right-click the item’s icon and select View Information. For something in auction, select something in the list of items for sale and click the information icon (the lower-case i) at the bottom left of the window, or alternatively open the listing and double click the icon in the sale window. 

Even if an item isn’t on sale in the auction right now, you can find most things in the Available Orders section. Click on Orders at the top of the auction window, then on Available just below it. You can now navigate to the item you want using the category menu at the top left. When you find what you want, select the item in the list and click the information icon.

When you’ve opened the item info window, the main sections you’ll want to look at are Basic Information (the lower-case i) and Detailed Information (the magnifying glass) on the left-hand side. Let’s look at a weapon as an example.

In Basic information, there’s not much to see. The current and maximum TT values are listed, along with the Condition bar, which is a graphical representation of the same info. For weapons, you can also see the damage per second, but this doesn't include the effect of amps, enhancers, or buffs, so it’s only a rough guide.

Combustive Attack Nanochip stats EntropiaThe Detailed Information window is more interesting. Here you can see the weapon’s Efficiency, which is a key stat as it affects the amount of loot you get. Next, we see the item’s weight, then its current tier, which tells you whether you can add enhancers.

Next is one of the most important parts of all - the skill requirements. The recommended levels for hit and damage tell you what profession levels you’ll need to use this item, but in reality, you’ll want to be a few levels above this in order to max out the weapon fully. Ideally, you want the Learning Period for both damage and hit to say “Not anymore". If it doesn’t, you won’t be using the item to its full potential, which means you’re wasting money.

Next, we have details of the weapon’s cost and performance – how much ammo it takes per shot, how much damage it does, how fast the reload speed is, and the range. The Durability stat tells you how much the weapon decays when you use it, but as it doesn’t have an exact amount, it isn't very useful - more on that later.

Next, we have Hit ability and Critical hit ability, which will be 10/10 on a maxed weapon, and finally, the Tier Increase Rates, which vary for each individual item and tell you how fast the tiers will increase while you use it.

If you click the pin icon at the top right, this item info window will remain open when you look at another item, which is a useful way of comparing item stats. Even more useful for comparison is EntropiaWiki. This is a great site that includes details of most of the items in the game, including some stats that aren’t available in the in-game info windows. Importantly, you can usually find out the exact amount that an item decays, which is much more useful than the Durability stat we mentioned earlier. Be aware, however, that the decay figures in EntropiaWiki are entered by players, usually by doing a test to calculate the precise amount, and while they’re generally accurate, you can’t be 100% sure, especially for rare or new items. EntropiaWiki also has more advanced tools, such as Weapon Compare, which you can use to compare various different set-ups in more detail.

We’ve only covered weapons here as an example, but you can find similar stats for all items and professions, so whatever path you choose to take, make sure you have a good understanding of what all these statistics mean, and where to find them. Remember, it could be the key to making a profit!

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