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As you explore Entropia Universe, you’ll notice that a lot of avatars are accompanied by an animal or robot that follows them around. These are pets, and their main purpose is to provide special buffs that increase an avatar’s abilities. There are various types of buffs available, and each type of pet has a different selection of buffs. The most popular buffs at the moment are the ones that increase your running speed, and the ones that allow you to automatically loot a creature when you kill it (similar to the auto-loot pills available in the trade terminal).

How Do You Get Pets?

So how do you get one of these pets? There are a number of ways to do it. You can buy one from another player, you can find one in a strongbox by buying boxes or keys from the EU website, or you can tame one yourself.

How To Tame Your Own Pet

Taming Pet in Entropia UniverseLet’s look at how to tame your own pet. As well as being a way to collect pets, taming will also give you skills that are difficult or impossible to get any other way, so it’s a useful thing to know about. First, you’ll need to get a whip, which is a special weapon used to tame pets. If you’ve bought a starter pack then you might already have a Dominax Garter Lite (L). If not, you can find a whip in the auction. Most whips have the word “Dominax” in their name, so searching for “Dominax” is the easiest way to find them. The Dominax Original Garter (L) is the best one to start with.


Only a few types of creature can be tamed, and you can tell which ones they are by the heart icon next to their health bar. Each planet has a low HP tamable creature. These pets don’t have the most useful buffs, but they’re the best way to get started with taming and build up your skills. On Calypso, the easiest creature to tame is the Bristlehog Pup, which you can find a little way east of the teleporter at Camp Icarus or at Half Moon Bay.


You equip and use the whip just like any other weapon. Just target the Bristlehog with the whip equipped, and you’ll start the taming process. Your whip does damage like any weapon, but as you start whipping you’ll notice that two new bars appear – Spirit and Respect. As you continue to damage the creature, the Spirit bar goes down and the Respect bar goes up. When both Spirit and Respect have reached the white lines, the creature is ready to be tamed. The next time you interact with the creature, instead of attacking you’ll attempt to tame it. You won’t succeed every time, especially when your skills are low, but as your taming skills increase it will become easier. If the taming attempt is successful, the creature becomes your pet and you’ll be able to see it in your inventory. If you’re unsuccessful, you can continue to whip the creature and make another attempt, but by now its health will probably be quite low, and you might find you accidentally kill it. That’s not a problem for common creatures like the Bristlehog, because you can just move on to a new one and try again, but for rarer creatures, you might want to wait till it regenerates some health before trying again.

Summon Your Pet

Hunting With A Pet in Entropia UniverseNow that you’ve got your first pet, what do you do with it? Right-click the pet in your inventory, and select the option Summon Pet to spawn it next to you. You can bind the pet to an icon or key, like you can with a weapon or tool, to speed this action up in the future. When your pet is spawned, a small pop-up window will appear, showing your pet’s key stats. You can see further information about the pet’s stats and abilities by right-clicking its picture in the pet window and selecting Show Pet Status.

Feed Your Pet

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to feed your pet. Pets need Nutrio Bars as their energy source. You can buy these from the auction or from other players, or you can make them yourself by combining the mined material Sweetstuff, and the various fruits that are found on the ground, in a refiner. Once you have some Nutrio Bars, drag them from your inventory onto your spawned pet to feed it, and its Energy bar will increase. When your pet has been well fed, its Mood will start to increase while you have it spawned. A pet’s Mood needs to be high for it to perform at maximum efficiency, and if it isn’t well-fed, the Mood will decrease, so you need to make sure you keep it topped up with Nutrio Bars. A pet will consume a small amount of food when spawned, and more food when it’s doing something active like providing a buff or performing tricks.

Leveling Up Your Pet

In order to unlock the pet’s abilities, you’ll need to level it up. Pets gain XP while spawned, and you can speed up their XP gain by doing tricks. To do a trick, right-click the spawned pet and select a trick from the menu. Your pet will gain a little XP and will lose some Focus. Pets level up more quickly when their Focus is high. The Focus will regenerate over time, so for maximum efficiency, you should wait for a while between tricks while it does so.

Those are all the basics of pets and taming. For more detailed info about the different pets and abilities, is a useful resource.  Good luck!

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